I playfully explore different avenues of abstraction mainly using acrylics on canvas. However, my inspiration has always been the human figure and symbols in the universe. Depending on the topic and mood, the layering of colours range from fine semi-transparent to heavy and textured. Similarly, the brushes and other painting aids I use vary from being very big and bold to very fine and detailed. I searched long and far to find the colours that are in my mind and would enable me to tell my story on the canvas. I hope you will enjoy my journey and inspirations too!

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Light and Shade

Two Different Perspectives

Halfway on the Lift of Life


Two Souls United in Harmony

Big Bang of Colours

Femininity 1

Femininity 2

The Father

Rhythm 1

Rhythm 2
(Harmonic Minor)

Rhythm 3
(Melodic Minor)

Rhythm 4
(Dominant 7th)

Long Summer Holiday 1, 2 & 3

Husband, Wife and Daughter



Garden View


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