Husband, Wife and Daughters

w120cm x h50cm

Acrylic on Canvas, 3 canvases w40cmxh50cm each (in sample frame together)

Price: £450 each or £1,200 all three (subject to negotiation)

I tried to show characteristics of three different individuals using parallel vertical lines, just adjusting the thickness, tone, colour and design of lines.

The husband (on the left) has bold, thick, bright clear lines mainly relying on dominant colours. With this, I tried to show his discipline, clear but strict rules and dominant character. The lines and colours get softer and thinner as we gaze towards right, which shows his hidden softer side.

The Wife (in the middle) has lighter, slimmer, denser lines with more secondary colours dominating in the front. This is aimed at showing her soft, caring and colourful attitude. She has a lot of shades, which shows her capacity for various talents, but slightly hiding behind the scenes.

The daughter on the other hand amalgamated the thick and bold lines with delicate but colourful soft tones. This represents how most children possess some aspects of character from both parents. Also, there are designed, patterned lines. These different colours and shades show the individuality of daughter and reflects on her youthful vibrancy.  

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