Femininity 2

w45.5cm x h62cm (without frame)

Acrylic on Deep Edge Canvas

(The South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts competitor)

When one hears the words “Female, feminist or feminine” usually two opposite ends of a spectrum comes to mind: One is the passion and fight of women to gain their rights, equality and empowerment; the other end of the spectrum is seeing females as sexual, sensitive, soft, therefore weak or lesser of a human. In my “Femininity” series I wanted to focus on a completely different perspective on these adjectives: Femininity represents:
1. Sensitivity – to the feelings and the needs of the others
2. Softness – caring approach in solving problems
3. Delicate – intricate workmanship and quality
4. Passionate – to achieve and progress whilst respecting the boundaries of others
5. Power – to manage painful situations with endurance and patience, and
6. Helicopter effect – rising above situations and seeing and managing various dealings at the same time ranging from home, family, work and social aspects of life.
In order to reflect these qualities of femininity I explored different aspects of abstraction using mainly acrylics on canvas. I tried to express the feelings and moods discussed above amalgamating various shapes and intense colours and lines.

In Femininity 2, passion and power becomes more prominent with sharper red, dark blue and dark green colours and shapes. However, the balance of sensitivity and the caring aspects are still prevalent with light greens and yellows, which show the balanced approach.
In my approach to art in general, human figure and symbols in the universe are very important. Life is complex and layered, which I try to reflect in my paintings. I use intense colours to emphasise moods and feelings, sometimes hard, sometimes soft brush strokes and certainly very thin lines because in life there is always a thin line between right and wrong, good and bad and weak and strong.

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