The Father

w40.5cm x h50.0cm (without frame)

Acrylic on Canvas


In this painting I tried to capture the meaning of father. We all have a father or a father figure in our lives. I called my painting ‘The Father’ because all of us are influenced and shaped by this unique figure in different ways, the feeling of which can only be felt by us, no one else and is very difficult to explain with words. However, I managed to capture my feelings towards him in this painting where I will only touch upon some of them.

I got influenced by my father’s passion, robust strong figure, which could range from being soft, emotional and very entertaining, to temperamental, loud and a very strict man. He was also very arty, logical and mathematical which was reflected in his perfectionist attitude to work. He was a very giving person who would go beyond his means to help others, suddenly leaving all logic behind him...

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