Big Bang of Colours

W100cm x h80cm (without frame)
Acrylic on Canvas

In this painting I imagined that at the beginning of all, there was a Big Bang of Colours emanating from nothing to everything.
I used seven colours such as red, blue green etc. I also used seven shapes such as the rhombus in the centre.
At the point of the great bang each shape shattered creating seven shapes and seven shades of colour.
It took me a month to decide on each shape and shade of colour. Some were easier to create than others. The pink shade which is in the arrow like shape in the lower left quadrant, I decided should have a thin line of a bright gipsy pink, but it took me some time to find the colour I was looking for.
It is a finished painting at this moment in time, however, just like the universe continuing to enlarge; it is inevitable that this would have been a different painting at a different point in time.

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