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Born in Cyprus, now living in Exeter UK, I am an award-winning contemporary artist, writer, and ex-university lecturer. I established my studio, ‘The ArtHouse’ in October 2016, where I both create and display my art. Contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment to see my new artwork, prints and cards displayed in my studio ArtHouse in a relaxed atmosphere.

I playfully explore different avenues of abstraction mainly using acrylics on canvas. However, my inspiration has always been the human figure, and symbols in the universe. The colour palette I use is heavily influenced by my Mediterranean heritage. My passion to create art is expressed using a variety of brush stroke techniques and tools, including a palette knife.


I have joined more than twenty-five art exhibitions in London, Exeter, Devon, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Japan. I also had six solo exhibitions. I am Mellow Art ‘Special Prize’ Winner in 2020 (Japan).

You can see my art in my web-site, Facebook page, Instagram, Devon Artists Network & Saatchi Art, and in my Studio, the ArtHouse.

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After working in various temporary studios, my husband Mark, my biggest motivator, established my studio, ‘ArtHouse’ in October 2016 in Exeter, Devon, UK.
Apart from painting my art, I exhibit for ‘Private Viewers’ upon request.
My ArtHouse is open to other artists, poets, musicians, and art lovers for discussions on art and sharing creative ideas.

    Art Education

  • 2021- 2022 (February) – Certificate of Achievement – The Beginner to Master, Art Academy.
  • 2018 (January) - 2019 (March) – Abstract Art Course with Patrick Jones, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK.
  • 2018 (July) – Abstract & Acrylics with Nilgün Kozal, Nicosia, North Cyprus.
  • 2017 (April-June) – Acrylics Course, Exeter College, Topsham, Exeter, UK.
  • 2007 – Private Acrylics tutoring with international Artist Diane Hedley, Exeter, UK.
  • 2000 (September) - 2001 (April) – Life Drawing Course, Exeter College, Exeter.
  • 991 (September) -1992 (March) – Tutored by Artist Nilgün Kozal. Experimented with drawing, watercolours, and oil on paper. Nicosia, North Cyprus.
  • 1989 (April) – 1991 (July) – Tutored by Artist Aşık Mene. Experimented with drawing, tempera and oil on paper, board, and canvas. Nicosia, North Cyprus.

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